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Male-to-female Transgender Hair Transplant

Transgender hair transplant

Transgender hair transplants are performed using the same multi-unit hair grafting™ (MUHG™) surgical procedure as any other PAI hair transplant. However, transgender hair transplants require the highest level of art and technique to create a hair line fitting to the new gender while maintaining and soft and natural appearance for patients in transition.

Commonly called transgender hairline lowering, this procedure transforms the masculine hairline into a more rounded and feminine one that contours the face. It is important for patients who are looking for facial feminization by transgender hair transplant to remember that they will always be at risk for typical male hair loss resulting in progressive thinning and hair recession. For most transgender patients, a combination of surgical and non-surgical therapies is recommended to prevent hair loss and optimize the results of the surgical intervention. The goal is to obtain the best possible results and a cosmetic hair feminization.

For people having already undergone a hairline lowering surgery and are disappointed in the results, the PAI medical team can perform a corrective hair transplant.

Costs relating to transgender hair transplantation

Transgender hair restoration needs vary considerably from patient to patient. It is therefore difficult to give the generalized cost for this type of intervention without meeting you. During your first consultation in a PAI clinic, an assessment of your needs will be carefully carried out and an explanation of the achievable results will be given. We will discuss different hair restoration options and provide you with detailed information on the investment required for your specific situation.

Contact us for a

PAI Medical Group invites you to book a consultation* in a clinic, where you can discuss the options available to you with hair transplant specialists.

* Consultation fees: $40

Recovery After a Hair Transplant

Recovery after a hair transplant is relatively quick and easy. After the surgery, you will leave without any bandage and your hair will be styled normally. Within 24 hours, you can resume normal activities, even if intense physical activity should be avoided for about two weeks to avoid the risk of injury, bleeding and swelling. Your hair will need to be washed the day after the surgery and you can go back to work the next day, although many people prefer to take a few days off until they are completely healed.