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Testimonial - Rod Pedersen

Dear PAI Medical Group,

I just wanted to send you a letter of thanks for what you've done for me. It's been less than a year since my hair restoration procedure, and the results have far exceeded my expectations.

How? Well for starters, I feel like a completely different person - for the better. Every day that goes by, my hair continues to look better and I believe it's taken years off of my appearance. In one word, it's 'confidence'. I no longer feel ashamed of my appearance, and have thrown away the ball caps that were a staple of my wardrobe.

As for the procedure itself, well, it's hard to believe it went as easily as it did. By following the PAI staff's instructions, the healing process was quick and worthwhile. Every time I went in for aftercare, I was treated like the most important client you've ever had. Again, I thank you.

I never get tired of people staring at my hairline, most of whom don't even know I had the procedure done. All they say is that I look great.

And it's all because of you. THANK YOU!


Rod Pedersen


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