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Hair Loss: What You Need to Know

Many people consider beautiful hair to be a sign of youth, power and vitality. It’s obviously not easy for everyone to accept hair loss. Knowledge of what causes hair loss and solutions available for this problem are continually evolving.

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Myths & Facts About Hair Loss

There are still many myths surrounding this subject. We hope this article will provide you with further information.

Hair Loss Begins at Any AgeHair Loss Begins at Any Age.


Androgenic alopecia is hereditary and causes 95% of cases of hair loss in men. This problem usually begins in the mid-twenties. From the fifties, baldness occurs in more than 50% of men. After menopause, it is seen in 40-50% of women.

Evolution of AlopeciaHair Loss Occurs Randomly.


Androgenetic alopecia changes in a predictable way. In terms of hair loss, there is a regular form of baldness. In women, the hair thins. In men, it recedes from the forehead. Depending on the extent of baldness, the hair on the top of the head may even disappear.

Hair does grow backLost Hair Does not Grow Back.


Hair may sometimes grow back depending on the cause of the problem. Some people's hair loss is due to trauma, illness, surgery, infection, medication, poor diet or too strict diet. However, in the case of androgenic alopecia, prompt treatment is recommended.

Baldness can be inheritedLike Father, Like Son.


Baldness can be inherited from the father or mother. It seems that the problem of baldness is related to genes. People who are born with these genes will probably experience some form of baldness.

Women lose thei hairWomen do not Lose Their Hair.


During menopause, 40% to 50% of women lose their hair, a lower percentage than men. Female pattern baldness occurs mainly on the scalp, while in men, it is more localized. Female pattern baldness, which occurs mostly after menopause but sometimes at puberty, usually manifests itself by thinning of the hair.

Men are preoccupied by hair lossMen Are Indifferent to Hair Loss.


According to surveys, men do not accept their baldness and it may even cause depression in some men. It is important not to underestimate the emotional consequences caused by this problem. A consultation is recommended to address the problem.

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